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"Your delightful experience is our goal"

Urs Christen

Urs Christen About me

My wife Heidi and I immigrated to Australia in 2003 and settled in Perth/Western Australia. As we had travelled this continent a few times extensively since 1989, we had already quite some knowledge about it. Over more then 15 years I have been guiding tours in this great country I collected lots of knowledge. My freelancers are all top guides. My greatest goal is to provide you with a perfect experience.

Emu Tours is a family business spezialized in small groups German guided. They offer extended tours in Western Australien and the Northern Territory. These offers focus on guests from German speaking Europe who want to taste the "real" Australia in comfort. We choose our travel routes, accommodation and restaurants with great diligence.

My Bus

I put all our long years' experience into the refurbishment of our bus. I downsized it from a 21-seater to a 13-seater which makes it very comfortable. At the rear, separated by a wall, there is a luggage compartment and the biggest Engel fridge available, powered by an extra set of batteries. A huge extra diesel tank lets us drive for a long distance without the need to refill.

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